The Service Equipment We Use on Your Vehicle

Subaru Select Monitor III: Subaru's latest select monitor unit to diagnose all types of issues with your vehicle. This can include all dashboard malfunction indicating lights such as: Check Engine, Airbag, ABS, Brake, Trans, and Airbag. It can also be used to diagnose running and driveability concerns.

The unit is updated every single evening wirelessly to ensure the most up to date diagnostic information and programming is available to your vehicle. Universal select monitors used by any non-Subaru service facility are typically updated once a year at the most!

This piece of equipment was purchased in 2012.

Hunter TCX535: The Hunter TCX535 is used for installing and removing the tires from your alloy or steel wheels. It is compatible with wheel sizes up to 26 inches to ensure not to damage wheels or tires in the mounting or demounting process.

This piece of equipment was purchased in 2011.

Hunter Road Force GSP9700: Hunter's latest wheel balancer features a road pressure drum to balance your wheels and tires to real world conditions. When driving your vehicle on the road, weight is exerted on all four tires. The GSP9700 simulates this road force to give your the most accurate laser wheel balance available.

Typical balancers exert absolutely no force on the tire which means the balance is perfect while on the machine, but significantly off when put back on your vehicle. A poor balance on even 1 tire can result in premature tire wear as well as a vibration in the vehicle at higher speeds.

The Hunter GSP9700 is the only wheel balancer recommended by Subaru of America.

This piece of equipment was purchased in 2011.

Hunter HawkEye Elite: The Hawk-Eye elite is Hunter's latest and most accurate alignment system available. Using precise laser measurements the HawkEye Elite will allow our factory-trained technicians to give your vehicle the most accurate alignment possible.

Poor vehicle alignment can result in premature tire wear, steering wheel off center, and vibration.

This piece of equipment was purchased in 2011.

Reznor RA150 Waste Oil Burner: A waste oil burner takes the used oil that is removed from the vehicles that we service and converts it into heat for our employees and customers. This reuse of your waste oil is the most environmentally-friendly use of the hazardous waste generated by an automobile. It also saves you money as we will never charge the 'Hazardous Disposal' or 'Environmental Disposal' fees that you see at other service facilities on our oil change services.

This furnace was installed in 2012.