Subaru Owners Corner

Welcome to the Subaru Owners Corner

Here at Subaru of Claremont, we offer a great selection of Subaru models to drivers in Claremont and our friends in the communities of Keene, Brattleboro, and Norwich, VT. We have plenty of sedan, crossover, and SUV models to choose from. When you buy a Subaru, you don't only become the owner, but you become part of the Subaru family. See what we have in store for you by scrolling through our New and Pre-owned inventories to find a model that fits your likings the best.

Badge of Ownership

If you're a proud owner of an old or new Subaru and would like to show everyone just how proud you are of the excellent reliable name that has never let you down, then prove your Subaru pride with any one of our 45 icons. This badge of ownership represents your hobby, interest, or recreational outdoor activity to other drivers. Show off your Subaru badge, or badges to fellow Subaru enthusiast and drivers on the road.

Utilizing the MySubaru App, on your Android or Apple smart device you can track the aspects of your vehicle easier than ever before. Record your service history, upcoming maintenance dates, and your warranty information in one easy accessible location. Stay updated with valuable coupons and even upload photos of your freshly cleaned or customized Subaru. All the information pertaining to your vehicle is accessible in the palm of your hand.

Subaru Guaranteed Trade Program

Through our Subaru Guaranteed Trade Program, you can upgrade your qualified Subaru model and trade for a different trim or different model all together. When and if the time comes for requiring more space to fit your growing family, or you just want to switch up the feel and looks of your current car, we can ensure that you will receive the maximum trade-in value for your vehicle so you can move into the new vehicle of your choice. For more information, look to our guaranteed trade in program or finance pages.

High Quality Subaru Gear

Love your Subaru so much that you wish you could advertise your favorite brand everywhere you go? Now you can with our high-quality Subaru gear and accessories we offer our drivers. We offer comfortably fitting, and stylish apparel and even accessories for your pets. You will feel just as good in our clothing as you do in your Subaru!