Solar Power Project

Subaru of Claremont is Now Completely Powered by the Sun

Here at Subaru of Claremont, we're proud to announce that we are New Hampshire's first automotive dealership to be powered entirely by solar power! On December 20, 2015, our array of 440 photovoltaic solar panels went live, providing our dealership with enough energy to completely offset our electricity usage. The 96 kW AC / 114 kW DC system reduces our greenhouse gas emissions by more than 250,000 pounds of carbon dioxide each year.

"The installation of 100% renewable, sustainable solar power at the dealership is just one small step that we can take as a Subaru retailer to do our part for the environment and help Subaru further its mission of stewardship of the environment," said owner Peter Mans.

With this sustainability initiative, Subaru of Claremont joins Subaru in its longstanding dedication to the environment. Examples of this commitment include a Zero-Landfill manufacturing plant in Lafayette, IN, and the first automotive assembly plant to be designated a national wildlife habitat.

To learn more about the project, check out the images below.

 Subaru of Claremont - Before the installation began
There are 440 solar panels installed on the rooftop. This design depicts how they are laid out.
 Installation of racking and first panels - November 2015
Complete installation took 46 days from start to finish.
In total, the panels cover 7,909 sq. ft. and weigh 18,431 lb.